Dover Court Tennis Academy

Dover Tennis Academy


Train, improve and compete to make Dover Proud!

  • Free Assessments – starts 7th March
  • Saturday Tennis Programme
  • Dover Court Tennis School Team Tryouts

Under the brand new Dover Court shaded tennis courts, we are excited to be working with Dover Court School to launch Dover’s new tennis programs and school tennis team.

How is our program unique? Our program is unique in how it’s structured for students to progress quickly in a group suitable for their level and age by highly experienced and qualified coaches and having the chance to play matches and compete for Dover in the school team.

With Dover’s new school team and tennis ladder any player will be able to have a chance to play a tennis match, umpired by our coaches, or try out for the school team and compete to make Dover proud!

ONE - Assessment – starts 7th March

Come on down to the courts for a free assessment from our friendly and knowledgable coaches.

TWO - Choose suitable class

Coach will give you feedback and advice, helping you choose the suitable classes for your tennis level and progression

THREE - Enrollment

Enroll for chosen classes

  Click-here-to-sign-up       Structure: Using the hugely successful ROG European programme, we are running structured lessons to players of all ages and levels with a focus on skill progression while developing an interest & passion for the sport. If your aged 4-12 years, come along, train, improve and compete to make Dover Proud. ROG started off in Europe and since countries such as Spain, France and the UK have produced more top 10 world players, we believe in this programme. ROG Table               ROG   Players who want to play matches in the school tennis ladder and compete for the school team will need to play 2 to 3 times a week. The tennis ladder will be open to all players after assessment allowing players to practice more and get use to match situations.        

Click here for our class schedule.

Contact us if you have any queries about our awesome classes!

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